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We introduce neighboring sights, Shikoku sights
  • Iya Kazurabashi

    • 【40 minutes by car from Awanosho】

      Heike conceal Aiwa clan, located in the unexplored region Iya Kazura Bridge
      It is made of silk chisela, 45 m in length, 2 m in width, 14 m on the surface of the water (country / prefecture designation important tangible folk cultural property)
  • Iya Valley·Manniquin Pis

    • 【30 minutes by car from Awanosho】

      There is a height of 200 meters to the bottom of the valley in the Nanamagari that are said to be the most difficult part of the Iya Kaido.
      A Manniquin Pis is established standing after an anecdote that the local children used to be tycoons
  • Oboke Koboke

    • 【20 minutes by car from Awanosho】

      The valley formed by erosion of crystal schist is as if sculpture of marble is intriguing, and in autumn cherry blossoms and autumn, one autumn leaves color the clear stream and you can enjoy a thrilling falling boat.
  • Neighborhood sights

    • Tourist attractions

  • A landmark of Shikoku, Tourist attractions

    • A course, Shikoku North-South Crossing Course

      ·Takamatsu(Kagawa Prefecture)
      Ritsurin Park where the successive lords of the Sanuki Takamatsu clan completed over 100 years and the Yashima of the peninsular lava plateau located in the Setonaikai National Park are the main attractions.

      ↓, 60 minutes by car to Kotohira (General road) 40 minutes (high speed)

      ·Kotohira(Kagawa Prefecture)
      Kotohiragu (commonly known as Kompira-san) is known nationwide as prosperous business, big prayer prayer, god of the sea, etc.

      60 60 minutes by car to Iya (National Route 32)


      60 60 minutes by car to Kochi (National Route 32)

      ·Kochi(Kochi Prefecture)
      Kochi City in the south, Katsurahama arcuate extending between the Ryuzu Cape and the Ryuo Cape facing the Pacific Ocean is Katsurahama, which is known as prominent Kochi of prominent Kochi scenic spots prominent KochiThe bronze statue of Sakamoto Ryoma park is popular as a spot for commemorative photography.

      ↓, 60 minutes by car to Nakamura (general road) 40 minutes (high speed)

      Nakamura(Kochi Prefecture)
      The Shimanto River, called the “Last Seiryu (clear stream), ” is the second longest river in Shikoku, next to the Yoshino River River. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the Shimanto River, you can recommend a river by a sightseeing cruise ship.
    • Course B, Shikoku East-West Crossing Course

      Naruto Straits where the Seto Inland Sea and Kii Channel meet.Observation boardwalks "Whirlpool Sightseeing Boat Uzunomichi", whirlpools, whirlpools are compelling.

      ↓ 90 minutes by car to Iya (General Road)


      ↓ 60 minutes by car to Matsuyama (Takamatsu Expressway)

      Matsuyama(Ehime Prefecture)
      Matsuyama Castle known as Hirayama Castle three major simultaneous equations in Japan.The castle tower of National Important Cultural Property is three layers by three layers, from the top floor you can see Matsuyama city.