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New Year Party·Bōnenkai.Please use for business use.

  • Big Hall, ※Temporary image use

    We will produce a calm banquet with Japanese style cuisine, including many new year party and year-end party.
  • Western style, ※Temporary image use

    Business conferences, workshops, etc. can be used for business purposes.
  • Equipment outline, ※Temporary image use

    ·Western-style 1 mass area/About 50 m 2, Charge/1 hour, 3,000 yen, All day, 20,000 Yen
    ·Western-style 2 mass area/About 100 m 2, Charge/1 hour, 6,000 yen, All day, 40,000 yen
    ·Banquet cuisine 3,980 yen course / 4,980 yen course / 5,980 yen course.