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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Awa Odori

    We hold at the banquet hall on the first floor for 30 minutes from 19: 30 every Friday and Saturday.
  • Bath towels

    Towels are not put in the public bath.
    Please bring a towel prepared in the room.
  • Utilization time of the public bath

    Utilization time of public baths after check-in ~ 23: 00
    The next morning from 6:00 to 9:00
  • cancellation charge

    7 to 2 days before the room charge 20% of the room price 50% of the room price 100% of the room price 100% of the room charge will be chargeContinue reading
  • payment(credit card)

    Visa, Master credit card is available.
  • About shipment of baggage from the hotel

    It is available.Delivery is available for both prepayment and cash on delivery.
  • Bringing in food and drinks

    Please do not bring it to the venue or restaurant, but if you are in the room you can bring in.
  • Mobile phone radio condition

    The radio conditions of each company are good.
  • curfew

    There is no curfew.We have a room key and you are allowed to go out.
  • Nearby convenience store

    7-Eleven is 7 minutes by car.
  • When you feel sick

    There is a hospital at the car ten minutes.Please consult the front desk when you feel sick during your stay.I will arrange it.
  • Massage arrangement

    We arrange business trip massage.
    Lymphatic drainage · facial beauty salon · hip adjustment and so on.
    Please inquire at the time of your reContinue reading
  • Yukata for children

    Yukata for children are large (dress length 98 cm) · medium (dress length 87 cm) · small (dress length 70 cm) and 3 sizes, but there are limContinue reading
  • Children's lunch

    We are preparing children's meals below elementary school students.
    Please specify when you have meals at the time of reservation.
    Also, yoContinue reading
  • About twin Western style room

    This is the first floor or second floor room.There are no water spots such as sinks and toilets.Please use the shared toilet on that floor.
  • About large room plan

    It is possible to use up to 10 people in the large room of the Japanese style room.
    There is no washbasin / toilet in the room.Since it is lContinue reading
  • Can I connect to the Internet?

    PC is not equipped but we are compatible with wired or wireless LAN depending on the room.
    You can use it with your own wireless LAN built-iContinue reading
  • Customers without meals

    There are no convenience stores in the vicinity of the hotel.
    We recommend you to visit us at the supermarket or convenience store on the waContinue reading
  • Access to the hotel (edited by a car)

    Please set the navigation to the hotel by the following input.
    When setting by telephone number, 0883-74-1414
    When setting by address, 165-6Continue reading
  • Parking

    About 100 cars can be parked free of charge.Large buses are also available.
  • Pickup

    We will correspond to more than 10 guests at banquet.
  • About taxi arrangement

    We accept at the front desk.It usually takes about 10 minutes to get to the taxi.
  • About loan of equipment (such as projector)

    We have the following preparations.
    Reservation of rental is also accepted when booking accommodation.
    ●1Continue reading
  • Banquet rooms

    It is possible to accommodate about 25 people in 1 sunshine and about 90 people in 2 squares.
    The fee is 1 square without tax, 3,000 yen perContinue reading
  • Capacity for banquet hall

    There are three banquet halls.The large hall can accommodate up to 70 people.We will correspond according to the number of people.
  • Is there PC rental?

    We are sorry but PC rental does not correspond.Please acknowledge it.
  • One-day hot springs

    Business hours are weekdays "From 16: 00 to 21:00 reception end", Sundays and public holidays【From 14:00 to 21:00 reception end】
    We have decContinue reading
  • Is it a hot spring that will enter even during pregnancy?

    A lot of pregnant women are taking a bath in the past, but I have not heard of the story that there was inconvenience until now. In additionContinue reading
  • Equipment such as hair dryer in public bath

    We have installed two dryers in a dressing room.We have installed swabs and sabers.Bath towels and towels have bathing in your room.
  • Large Communal Bath

    The hotel's public bath is only for the inner bath.
    Spring quality is a spa with spirits of alkaline nature and also your skin
    Becoming SuzuContinue reading

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