Obokeiya Awa Onsen, Awanosho
Entrance of Oboke Iya, Yoshino River the Yoshino River River.Alkali hot spring inn


Facility information

  • Front desk · Cafe corner(Temporary image)

    Relaxing and relaxing hospitality
  • Observatory(Temporary image)

    Please visit the observatory which can see the mountain in Iya the top floor of our inn and the scenery upstream of the Yoshino River River.
    You can enjoy nature while getting Japanese sweets.
  • Walk way(Temporary image)

    In the large facility, you can enjoy a variety of facial expressions depending on the seasons, a walking path where various nature can be enjoyed every season.
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  • Picture letter corner(Temporary image)

    Please write memories of the trip to the picture letter.
    Tools will be rented free of charge.
  • Menu list

    Guests can use the beauty salon (women only) and massage in their rooms.
    If you wish, please tell us when you make your reservation.
    ※When making a reservation via the Internet, please fill in the other hope column.
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